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Free Shipping When You Spend Rs 2000 or above
Car Safety Hammer
Car Safety Hammer

Car Safety Hammer

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Stay safe with the safety hammer keychain! 
Safety is the priority. Break the window in 1 second. Rescue yourself as soon as possible. 
The hard and powerful striker, pushed by the high-tension spring, can pop out in no time, smashing the window for you to escape. In case of accidents, use the sharp blade, cut the safety belt at once. 
Accidents do happen. However unlikely they might occur, cherish your life, prepare this mini safety hammer keychain!

Main Features:
● Be in company with safety as you use it to take the keys with you 
● A useful self-rescue tool. Better to prepare just in case you need to break the window, and cut the seat belt
● Reliable high quality. Hard, sharp, powerful enough to perforate any solid materials
● Super easy to use. Only 2 steps are needed to get the effects you want
● For all who use automobiles, such as commuters, drivers, car owners, police officers, medical staff and more
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