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    Washroom Brush

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    Suspended toilet brush, brand new upgrade, special toilet brush for cracked corners.

    With multiple functions :

    we are persistently pursuing better quality.

    Easily deal with various scenes, easy to clean, and easy to handle dirty urine stains.
    The soft bristles can go deep into the toilet pipe, leaving stains nowhere to hide.
    Volatilize freely without accumulating water. Drain in the air, and say goodbye to the toilet flush.

    TPR soft tongue-shaped brush head has stronger cleaning power and better cleaning than traditional bristles.

    Clean all corners The flat TPR soft brush head design can touch any corner. Especially for cleaning the edge of the toilet lid, between the toilet and the wall, and the small gap in the toilet groove.

    High-quality material STPR brush head TPE material brush handle, the soft brush head will not damage the surface of the object. Good design makes it easy to clean. No annoying tangled hair.

    The newly designed revolutionary toilet brush with a bendable D-shaped silicone head can cover all areas, even under the rim.

    Various places are not just toilets. The sink, washbasin, bathtub, and toilet brush made of TPR are suitable for all-ceramic plastic glass surfaces. Choose it to give you a clean and tidy home.

    The ventilation slot design adopts a smart ventilation design, and the bracket can guide water vapor away from the lower end, making it easier to keep the base clean. You can also use 3M double-sided tape to hang it on a smooth wall or toilet tank.


    1: High efficiency and softness, strong decontamination, and no hair loss can clean any corner of the toilet deeply.

    2: Tongue-shaped brush head, close to the inner wall, easy to clean the corners and dark grooves.

    3: The corners can be brushed, and even small gaps can be cleaned.

    4: The brush head is highly flexible and fits the wall of the side channel pipe.

    5: Say goodbye to a peculiar smell, return your fresh air, ventilate and dry without a peculiar smell.

    6: Perforation-free and durable. Nail-free installation, strong and non-marking stickers, durable and stable, not easy to fall.

    7: The humanized handle and ergonomically curved handle give you a comfortable touch.

    8: Rounded corners, one-piece molding, rounded corners, thick materials.

    9: It is ventilated to dry, and the internal hollow suspension design prevents the breeding of bacteria and is easy to clean.

    Total Size:11cmx42xm
    Brush Size:9cmx40cm


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