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Stress Release Ball
Stress Release Ball

Stress Release Ball

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Stress Relief ball is made of thick thermoplastic rubber (TPR) outer layer with small particles inside, which is highly durable and can be squeezed repeatedly.

These stress balls are non-sticky, so they can keep your hands clean even after a long time of use. No harmful chemicals are added, no harm to the human body.

Excellent Design
These stress balls are very quiet, you can relieve stress, anxiety, and tension anytime, anywhere. Each ball is filled with small neon-colored spheres.

That may help you have a happier view of your life and a healthier state of mind.

Relieve Stress & Hand Exercise
As one of the most popular fidget toys, squishy balls are perfect for helping with anxiety, stress relief, and physical hand therapy.

Promote calm focus of a long time of work and study. Enjoy supreme levels of comfort and relaxation every time.

Fun For All Ages
Excellent to share our stress balls Toys with your kids, families, friends, or even grandparents. Perfect for anxiety, bad habits, and more. 

Play with them anywhere such as home, office, classroom, etc. These balls are great gifts!

Take A Deep Breath And Relax
all you need to do is to take your squishy ball out of your pocket. Release all of your tension at once- a must-have accessory for all those people that are dealing with stress and anxiety every single day.

A perfect tool for people who’re dealing with ADHD and autism, or for those who want to give up on their bad habits, like smoking. This is a very interesting novelty, fun vent toys! Squish it! Squeeze it! Watch it swell.

Changes colors as it swells... Great sensory item!
Inside Squishy Balls is liquid latex which makes the magic happen when you squeeze it. Be careful you don't pierce the ball with your fingernails or any other sharp object lest you be left with a puddle of neon-colored goo.

The risk-free construction, free of chemical odors and dangerous substances, is going to offer you an exceptional experience

keep squeezing without having a single care in this world! This toy is all we have to put all the blame is not happy, is released!

Save all unhappy!

Work, study and life, we will encounter a variety of unhappy, bored in my heart would seriously endanger our health!

 Stress Relief Ball- For Kids & Adults-
stress Squishy Toys For Autism, ADHD, Bad Habits & More- Risk-Free Sensory Rubber Ball How to Play A great stress reliever, anywhere you are under stress or anxiety, just take it out of your pocket or bag to squeeze or stretch.

You can take them along everywhere you go, either in the work office, at home, traveling on the way, sitting in class, or going for a walk in the park, keep an extra one in your backpack for quick relief anytime. Colorful design, to give you a colorful mood.

Home & Travel Pack
A great stress reliever, this 4-pack of color stress balls can be used at home, taken to work, or kept with you in crowded places for quick relief.

Squeeze its body, it will change to grape. Perfect stress relief toy for all age range kids adults, very comfortable hand feeling.

Safe, Non-Toxic

 These non-sticky squishable stress balls are non-toxic and odor-free, making them safe for children;
they won’t leave behind stains or greasy hands. This product is not edible.

In case of touching the inner liquid please wash hands. It is a one-time consumable spoof vent toy, a few days of playing or long-time frequent squeeze will crush.

Relieve Built-Up Stress
 These cute anti-stress balls let you squeeze, pull and squish them in your hands to help reduce stress, anxiety, tension, and ADHD focus issues. Helps the blood circulation in the hands.

Ideal For Stress & Anxiety Relief, Enhanced Blood Circulation, Special Needs, Autism & Disorders Perfect gift for your friends, its fans, or yourself to relax.

Squishy, Colorful Fun
Inside each toy stress ball are smaller, colorful, squishable balls that are smooth, durable, and let kids and adults alike enjoy squeezing!

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