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Free Shipping When You Spend Rs 2000 or above
Music Rhythm LED Flash Light
Music Rhythm LED Flash Light

Music Rhythm LED Flash Light

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This incredible sound activated is a layer of thin and soft sheet be supplied in windshield rear side window, or wherever you feel appropriate. is decorated with double-sided adhesive tape and covered with a protective membrane, you can remove the membrane and stand behind the windshield. in addition, if there is a problem for you to connect the wires in the car, you may require to equip a cigarette lighter instead, the cigarette lighter can be inserted directly into the car to make the lamp illumination.


as smart as he can dance to music

it was built into a graphic equalizer, which is moving according to the background sound (similar to a normal equalizer). the different music or volume will activate a different sound equalizer panel, so you can adjust your sensitivity to pick up different sticker dance.

space and energy saving

Beautiful Light During The Night

when driving at night, this sticker may be flashing in the cool blue light, which makes your car safe and beautiful. It's fun, cool and modern car sticker to decorate this dynamic on your rear breeze or side window.


easy Installation:

1. Stick the sticker on the rear breeze or side window inside the car via double-sided adhesive tape.

2. Attach the adapter to the sticker carefully using a 3 m converter cable

3. Connect the cigarette lighter in the car

4. Start the music



condition: Brand new

size: 45cm x 11cm (18.1x4.3 inches)

Inverter Cable length: About 3 m

cigarette Cable Length: 1.2 m

Voltage: DC 12 V

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