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    Manipulative Math Blocks

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    Manipulative Beads And Laces - Best for Children Choice:

    - Build into whichever model you like;
    - Unlimited possibilities for building fun;
    - Helping develop children's imagine the space

    1. Motor skills and hand-eye coordination
    They can build into whichever model they like.
    Unlimited possibilities for building fun.
    Helping develop children's imagine the space.
    Children could learn about colors and shapes as well.

    2.Spatial skills
    Spatial skills involve the ability to understand problems involving physical spaces, shapes, or forms

    3. Creative problem-solving skills
    Because kids can put together blocks in a variety of ways, block play is divergent play. And divergent play with blocks may prepare kids to think creatively and better solve divergent problems.

    4. Social skills
    Research suggests that kids become friendlier and more socially-savvy when they work on cooperative construction projects. For example, autistic kids who attended play group sessions with toy blocks made greater social improvements than did kids who were coached in the social use of language.

    5. Language skills
    It could be that kids who spent more time playing with blocks also had more opportunities to talk with their parents. The parents of these toddlers were given instructions for encouraging block play.

    Alternatively, block-play itself might help kids develop skills important for language development--like the ability to plan and recognize cause-and-effect sequences.Moreover, kids can integrate their own constructions into pretend play scenarios. And there is evidence that complex block-play is linked with advanced math skills in later life


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